CLUBS 2021-2022

MacDuffie student clubs are an important part of community life.

Their success depends largely on the initiative and sustained effort of students who become club organizers and leaders. In addition to gaining interesting opportunities to develop a vocation, students who are active members of clubs experience leadership opportunities and learn the value of commitment. All students are encouraged to join a club and have the opportunity to sign up at the start of the school year during the Club Fair on Mountain Day. Students wishing to form new clubs are encouraged to do so, by consulting with the Dean of Students and securing a faculty adviser in advance of forming the club.


STudent Admissions RepresentativeS, or STARS, are ambassadors for the MacDuffie community. STARS share their MacDuffie experience and conduct campus tours with prospective families at Open Houses, receptions and other special events.

When prospective students come to MacDuffie for Visit Days, STARS greet them in the library, take them to assembly, classes and lunch, introduce their friends and teachers and make their guests feel welcome in our community.

STARS are the voice and heart of MacDuffie. Students in all grades are encouraged to participate.


This club is comprised of students who enjoy math and competing with students from other schools. Mathletes compete as part of the Western Massachusetts Mathematics League (WMML) comprised of about 20 schools, both independent and public, throughout the Pioneer Valley.

Key Club

The Key Club, run by Sophie Stetson and Mariel Baez, is our school’s community service club. The Key Club interacts with both the school and local community through various drives though out the school year, such as the Winter Coat Drive. Last year, the Key Club collected 187 lbs. of food for the Neighbors Helping Neighbors food pantry, amongst other projects. The Key Club believes in making our world a better place through these acts of service.

As Schools Match Wits

As Schools Match Wits is a team of students who appear on the public television program “As Schools Match Wits”, where they compete with students from other public and private schools in the Pioneer Valley.  The competition tests students’ general knowledge in specific academic areas.  MacDuffie students must qualify by passing a preliminary test to be members of this team.  The team then meets regularly to prepare for the televised competition.


The Magnet is MacDuffie’s student-run newspaper. Our goal is to cover events and happenings that affect the school community. Members of the Magnet take photos and write articles on various topics, like recipes and sports, and publish it to Magnet’s website.


Along with members of the Magnet, students participating on the Magnolia yearbook staff are the “journalists of the school” who are tasked with producing a year-long visual narrative focusing on a specific theme. We typically hold our initial meeting during the first week of school to determine our set theme, and then get right to work capturing images of great MacDuffie traditions such as Mountain Day and the fall play, athletic competitions, and a typical day in the life of the MacDuffie student. In this club, students learn about the responsibility of meeting deadlines, creating and organizing content, engaging one’s audience, online research, and brand management.

The Muse

The Muse is MacDuffie's literary magazine, showcasing writing and art from the MacDuffie community. It is overseen by student editors and staff and printed copies are available in the spring. Additionally, The Muse oversees the costume contest in October and hosts numerous other contests throughout the school year.

Queer Straight Alliance

The Queer Straight Alliance is a safe space at MacDuffie for all sexualities and genders. All are welcome to join in discussions, crafts, info sessions, hangouts, and occasional events regarding the queer community. With any questions, contact:

Angelika Osowiecki (club leader) at


Sophie Griffin (co leader) at

Find a sense of community and inclusivity in our club, the QSA.

Multicultural Organization for Students Advocating Inclusivity, Compassion, Comprehension and Cooperation

The Multicultural Organization for Students Advocating for Inclusivity, Compassion, Comprehension, and Cooperation, otherwise known as MOSAIC, is a club dedicated towards upholding MacDuffie's diverse community and forwarding the voices of its students. Whether you're a dedicated social activist or just seeking educational resources on modern issues of racism, sexism, and homophobia, MOSAIC is open to all willing to jumpstart change with conversation.

National Dance Education Organization

The MacDuffie School NDEO student chapter is dedicated to bringing dance to the MacDuffie community. As a branch of the National Dance Education Organization, the goal of the chapter is to educate the community on the benefits and joys of dance for everybody, no matter ability or skill.

MacDuffie Chinese Students Association

In this club, the president, vice presidents, and MacDuffie Chinese students will work together and host some traditional Chinese festivals like Spring Gala.

Psychology Club

In this club, you can find what you think deep in your heart, do scientific research on thoughts and behavior, and discover interesting things at the same time.
Our goal: We can describe, explain, predict and change behaviors and learn different knowledge in a pleasant time.

Gundam Club 

In this club, members will learn how to make Gundam models by the studying materials provided by the leader. Members will learn how to cut pieces out correctly and polish the parts. Another goal will be to watch videos about some Gundam masters’ works on Youtube. Customization is one of the most interesting things in Gundam model making. If we have enough free time, club members can also learn some history and cultures that are related to Gundams.

Japanese Language and Culture Club

Learn about Japanese Culture and go to dinner with club members at a Japanese restaurant once a month.

Machine Learning Club

People learn from their past. Machine Learning is also about computers learning from data and making predictions based on its past experience.

In this club, we'll discuss the basic knowledge of machine learning and introduce some simple terms. We'll also introduce some fundamental instructions on how to write code and how to build and train your own neural network. We'll likely use Python as our main programming language. We may cover several topics in our club discussions - image recognition, image generation, attacking neural networks, playing games, and so on.

Diving Club

Welcome to the Diving Club! Here you can learn the basic information about Scuba Diving! Unfortunately, we cannot go out on a real dive due to safety reasons, but this experience might open a new world for all who participate.

As A Woman Club

The As A Woman Club brings attention to sexism within and outside the school. We hope to inform people about issues in the community and to raise money for Women's Shelters in neighboring towns.

Video Games and Technology Club

In Video Games & Technology club, we teach students the basic of coding, 3D designs by using tinker cad, the process of making games, and experience and play the video games that we have learned about.

Harry Potter Club

The Harry Potter club is an epic gathering of Harry Potter fanatics from around the school. Members will be sorted into one of four houses, and throughout the year, they will compete in a series of Harry Potter themed games and activities. In addition, members will complete a few small crafts while learning about spells and fantasy creatures that appear in the renowned series. At the end of the year, a House Champion will be announced.

Fitness and Health Club

The Fitness and Health Club is defined as a registered student organization that exists to promote and develop an interest in general fitness, nutrition, physical activity, and a healthier lifestyle overall. The club's focus may be recreational, instructional, competitive, or a combination of these types of activities based on its constitution. The club's aim is to raise money and fix and renovate our school's fitness center by the end of the school year.

Skateboarding Club

International Thespians Society

The MacDuffie Thespians are a chapter of The International Thespian Society, which is a club that celebrates all things theater. We will hold fundraisers, meetings, and events, as well as participate in theater games and activities.

Future Entrepreneurs

Future Entrepreneurs is a business club for people who are interested in pursuing business and economic careers. This club will be the perfect fit for people who are planning to major in business in college or are just curious about the subject. The goal of this club is to organize several fundraisers, donate to the community, and arrange related fun activities.